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Marmo Series
Introducing HI-MACSŪ Marmo, a solid surface that embodies the organic look of natural stone, and of the moment. With a veined pattern throughout, solid surface has never looked so natural. Whether elegant or edgy, new design goals are possible with the styles of HI-MACSŪ Marmo.
M201 Terni
M201 Terni
M202 Canossa
M203 Lucca
M204 Bergamo
M205 Parma
M206 Monza
The feel of natural stone with deep and soft waves makes the Marmo collection the perfect choice for creating space.
M101 Torino
M103 Bologna
M102 Venice
M104 Roma
M105 Verona
  • Darker colors will show ordinary wear and tear readily than lighter colors or patterns.
  • Colors have unique qualities. Printed representation of colors will vary from actual samples.
  • Must view actual product prior to purchase.